Solar Junction Box Potting And Sealing Materials


    Solar Junction Box Potting

    Potting sealant with thermal conductivity

    Characters:  Low viscosity, high flow, strong resistance to toxic
    Advantage: Excellent foam resistance, resistance to toxic, suitable for manual operation
    Typical case: The LED driver power, and solar photovoltaic inverter potting
    The order code and packaging:

    Component A:5299A9     25kg/bucket, 50KG/pair

    Component B:5299A9     25kg/bucket,50KG/drum

    Solar Junction Box Sealing
    Characters:  single-component, dealcoholization, very fast surface drying time.
    Advantage:  5 minutes drying surface, no side-effect to normal potting
    Typical case: LED power supply waterproof sealing
    The order code and packaging:
    976511    976514    976505
    100ml/piece  310ml/piece  2600ml/piece

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