Ring Terminal Wiring Harness 2-Pin Quick Disconnect Plug SAE Extension Cable 12V- 24V With Black Fused 10A 2 Feet 16AWG Gauge Copper Wire


    • WIRING HARNESS RING LUG CABLE. It is a ring lug cable that screw mounts onto a battery and provides an interface for plugging into a charger, dc socket, etc. Can be used for most maintenance battery chargers such as Battery Tender, NOCO Genius, Schumacher, Black & Decker and so on.
    • WIDELY USED. This is the best way to keep a battery charged on a Motorcycle, Boat, Cycle, Bike, Car, Tractor, Riding Mower, ATV, every vehicle outdoor equipment. For most battery Trickle Chargers that use the male female plug (SAE).
    • QUALITY WORKMANSHIP. Attached weatherproof dust cover protects 2-pin quick disconnect SAE terminals from raindrops and dusts. Easy to install and works like a charm! This makes it easy to share the minder.
    • Convenient for hard-to-access batteries. Whenever you need without having to unscrew bits and pieces of your bike, and the versatility of the system means you can either draw power from the battery or charge it.
    • 2 FEET CORD ADAPTOR. Cable: SPT-2,16AWG/2C; Length: 2 feet; Color: Red/Black; With 10A fused for electrical protection; Fast and easy to connect and disconnect.

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