On-grid/ Off Grid Hybrid Solar System


    Data Sheet for Hybrid Inverter


    1. Easy to install and configure a solar system

    2. Smart frequency with best programming design,high stability
    3. Built-in MPPT solar controller with high charging efficiency
    4. AC charging current adjusted by buttoms on display
    5. Three working modes available.Users can select the needed working mode by buttoms on big LCD screen
    6. SOLAR-AC-BATTERY Priority mode can maximum use solar power and utility power,maximized battery energy storage,reducing battery discharge time and extending battery lifesapan.
    7. Unique design toroidal transformer,pure sine wave output,built-in AVR
    8. CPU management,intelligent control,modular design,LCD display
    9. Strong loading ability,low failure rate,easy maintenance and long service life
    10. Smart charger function for 1KVA~5KVA(automatic recognition of proper charging current for battery)
    11. Hybrid charging current function(total current of combination MPPT and AC charging can be set customized)
    12. Low power consumption,high conversion efficiency

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