200W Solar System


    200W solar system kits include the following list

    1.  2pcs 100W flexible solar panel
    2.  1pc 10A solar controller

    3.  1 pair 3M solar cable with MC4 connector

    4.  1 Pair 3M Alligator clips for battery connection

    5.  1 pair MC4 Branch 2-1

    Solar Panel data sheet

    Rated Max Power: 100W±5%(W)
    Module Efficiency: 21%-24%
    Solar Panel size:1050mmX540mmX3mm
    Manufacturing Process: Sunpower Solar Panel
    Open-Circuit Voltage: 21.6V±5%
    Short-Circuit Current: 6.06A±5%
    Voltage at Pmax: 18.0v±5%
    Current at Pmax: 5.56A±5%
    Rated Max Power: 100.0W±5%
    Module Efficiency: 24%±2%
    Quality Assurance: 1 year quality assurance
    Notice: Using on Environment Temperature: -30℃~60℃
    Using on Environment humidity :45%~95%
    Data under standard testing conditions (STC):1000 W/㎡ , AM1.5 , 25 ℃

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